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Father and SonOne of the most powerful ways you’ll make a difference in the world is through parenting. Being a good parent requires patience, coping skills, empathy, love, maturity, compassion, and education just for starters. We don’t all start out with those traits.

I’ve seen that almost every mom and dad can benefit from professional support and assistance to help in their parenting approaches. I understand that a broad spectrum of difficult situations occur when raising a child. It’s important that you learn to manage and cope with your child’s fears, lying, low self-esteem, and that you teach your children how to the same. For most parents developing these skills can be time consuming and at times emotionally draining. Parental counseling can help make the process easier and more productive for you and your child.


One of the most effective strategies I recommend to parents is simply called “Time Alone”. I first heard of this strategy in an LDS parenting course I took many years ago. The presenter described a distraught family that went into the office of their therapist. Their five year old daughter was enuretic and encopretic (no bowel or bladder control) and she was pulling out her hair leaving huge bald patches in her scalp (trichotillomania).

The therapist told the couple to take this little girl for some special “mommy and me” and “daddy and me” time twice a week. In two weeks the patient was symptom free. I have used this “Time Alone” approach very successfully with a myriad of childhood problems for twenty years now and wrote an article for the Ensign on this extremely effective strategy. In preparation for our first visit together, I ask that clients read this article.

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